Digital Photography

A studio and outdoor based course – that is structured around: Studio lectures, studio demonstration, individual/group interaction, presentation of work, studio seminars, comments, critique and suggestion on the work.

The course gives further opportunity to refine and extend the skills of Photography. The course examines various areas of photography generally referred to as Advertising Photography including fashion, food, photo illustration cover images, packaging, street life and architectural capture.

This course enriches students towards working on bigger challenges both technical and aesthetic as they will advance. This will help them to identify what tools for challenges will be explored to accomplish visual goals.

Aims and Objectives

  • This course is designed to familiarize students with different fundamentals of photography including: camera operations, the physics of light, exposure and metering, film types, processing, photographic printing, photo history, design, composition, manipulation and presentation.

  • The course is designed to disseminate the students with different techniques of photography.

  • This course aims at covering all the critical and foundational information about digital photography including usage of advanced digital photo equipment, different types and sources of light both in the studio and on location, posing techniques and proper use of cosmetics, clothing, etc.

  • The students will be aware of advanced editing, portrait and fashion retouching and other effects, retouching techniques, HDRI, using portable and studio flash with digital photography.

  • The course will extend to include simulating other film and traditional art techniques.

  • To use the camera as an art toll to capture great photographs, not just snapshots

  • Think about what you see and design as strong photographic composition.


  • Understand the Digital SLR camera

  • Help you get acquainted with the different camera modes.

  • Be ready to be a professional photographer.

  • Be able to know how to use studio lighting equipment

  • Have a knowhow to critique and talk about one’s own artwork.

  • Be able to create body of work, create a portfolio, and successfully exhibit their work.

Course Outline

The department intends to induct students from various professions with different levels of relevant knowledge so we follow an interdisciplinary curriculum:

  • Module-1: Introduction to Photography

  • Module-2: The World of Digital Photography

  • Module-3: Shutter Speed Technique

  • Module-4: Aperture expertise

  • Module-5: Exposure

  • Module-6: Composition

  • Module-7: Lenses and Composition

  • Module-8: Studio Lights & Equipment

  • Module-9: Advanced Lighting Techniques

  • Module-10: Black & White Photography

  • Module-11: Flash Photography

  • Module-12: Mastering Light in Photography

  • Module-13: Advanced Composition

  • Module-14: Outdoor Shadows, Reflections & Rain

  • Module-15: Architectural & Landscape Photography (Daylight & Night)

  • Module-16: Portrait Photography

  • Module-17: Advanced Studio Portrait

  • Module-18: Creative Photography (Basics)

  • Module-19: Creative Street Photography (Advanced)

  • Module-20: Perspective & Forced Perspective Photography

  • Module-21: Light Painting with Human or Object

  • Module-22: Food and Product Photography

  • Module-23: Booked Techniques (Indoor & Outdoor)

  • Module-24: Silhouette & Double Exposure Techniques (Indoor & Outdoor)

  • Module-25: Fashion Photography

  • Module-26: Tricks, Techniques & Special Effects

  • Module-27: Mistakes & Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Module-28: Photographic Editing

Course Duration

Course Duration – 1 Month.

Fee Structure

Course Fee – 12000/- PKR only.

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