Digital Filmmaking

The term “digital filmmaking” can refer to a number of different processes and techniques used in modern films, and can simply mean the use of digital cameras. Digital filmmaking is the norm these days, enabling filmmakers to blend art and digital media and speed up the process of filmmaking as well as be more creative and enterprising in the special effects department. In short, more flexible digital cameras—such as the Panasonic HVX 200 and the RED One and Scarlet cameras—and editing software such as Final Cut Pro Studio, have made the cinematographer’s and editor’s jobs easier and made it possible for filmmakers to produce quality films at much less expensive cost.

Aims & Objectives

  • The ability to comprehend the professional knowledge of filmmaking

  • The ability to analyze performing art

  • The ability to understand the business of entertainment and the application into a career.

  • To explore the challenges and opportunities of using of visual media in the filmmaking and TV production.


  • Students will be able to demonstrate the art of storytelling through visuals.

  • Discuss and analyse film language, techniques, aesthetics, structure and other elements of cinematic storytelling.

  • Demonstrate skills of digital video shooting, sound recording and editing by conceiving an idea, character development, writing, directing & editing a short film up to 10 minutes in length, TVC & music video.

Course Duration

This course duration will be one months.

Fee Structure

Total cost of this course is 12000/- only

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