Drawing/ Sketching

Drawing is a skill that involves linear rendition/transfer of an image on a surface; various mediums may be employed and the process involves the pictorial representation of anything from concepts and emotions to ideas.

The earliest linear drawings and sketches known in the history of art were in the form of cave drawings. However, the dot and line in art history have been instrumental in creating unparalleled works of art; it is also the most concise and economical means of expressing an idea in its most direct form.

Drawing is the backbone of all artistic training and artists who have persevered in the quest for attaining mastery of this visual form have produced timeless works of art; It is to the drawings of such masters that art students have turned in order to gain a better understanding of the technical prowess and skill involved in creating work that has withstood the test of time.

As the first stepping stone to attempting creative endeavors, Mashq has always emphasized on the importance of drawing and is therefore offering course in drawing in an attempt to facilitate all those aspiring to become better artists and creative individuals.

Aims and Objectives

  • To enable students to

  • Learn different drawing techniques/mediums.

  • Develop eye/hand coordination.

  • Comprehend the elements and principles of image making


  • Students will be able to develop, construct and convey their ideas and concepts using drawing as a tool.

  • They will be able to study and draw objects as per the requirement of their project.

  • Students will be able to perceive, explore new ideas, and look at things from different perspectives.

  • Students will experiment freely with diverse mediums.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to materials and techniques

  • Line Practices

  • Drawing Basics

  • Observational Drawing

  • Still Life Drawing

  • Perspective, Light & Shade Drawing

  • Figure Drawing

  • Aptitude Test Preparation

  • Art Colleges Interview Preparation

  • Portfolio Preparation

Course Duration

Course Duration – 3 Months.

Fee Structure

Course Fee – 7,000/- PKR per month.

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