Painting is the act of using a certain medium to express form, ideas and values on a two dimensional surface. The expression and aesthetics vary; the medium and quality of mark making often determines the outcome, but as a whole, the infinite possibilities of painting have fascinated artists for centuries and it is through this experimentation with form, color and medium that creative individuals have, in the history of art, sought to push the boundaries of what it means to paint and create a painting as a work of art.

Painting is not only about putting ideas on paper but also imparting them with formed attractions. Playing with colors, rolling and rubbing them to produce healthy and classy portrait will enable the students to excel in this art.

Aims and Objectives

  • To enable students to:

  • Learn different painting techniques.

  • Understand the possibilities of different mediums.

  • Painting as a Medium of Expression.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to develop, construct and convey their ideas and concepts through painting.

  • Students observation skills will be enhanced that will help to paint and study objects as per the requirement of their project

  • Students will experiment freely with diverse mediums.

Course Categories:

  • Miniature Painting

  • Water Color Painting

  • Oil Painting

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Pencil Colors

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Materials

  • Introduction to Basic Painting Techniques

  • Surface Preparation

  • Color Theory

  • Technical understanding of the materials used Oil Paints, Water Colors, and Acrylic Paints etc.

Course Duration

Course Duration – 2 Months per Medium.

Fee Structure

Course Fee – 8,000/- PKR per month.

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