This course explores the various materials used to create sculptures, which include wood, plaster, clay and stone. Students learn how to use these materials and handle sculpting tools safely. They analyze other works of sculpture through reading, discussion, critical thinking and examine geometric, abstract and organic forms.

Aims and Objectives

  • To expose the student to a variety of materials and techniques that can be applied to the assignments given.

  • Students will be introduced to the styles and concepts of both past and contemporary three-dimensional work.

  • The development of aesthetic ideals and concepts in application to the student’s work will be stressed.

  • The ability to self-criticize and verbalize about one’s art and to understand criticism by others will also be stressed.

  • Students are expected to take chances with their work.


  • Students will explore various materials and processes used in sculpture to realize the core projects.

  • In addition to the required assignments, students will fill a sketchbook that will also be graded.

  • They will create artistic solutions that clearly express the understanding of principles of design and visual thinking

  • Students will develop a body of original artwork in Sculpture

  • The course will demonstrate understanding of tools, materials, techniques, and processes

Course Outline

  • Basic Shapes

  • Material exploration

  • Tool familiarity

  • Ceramics

  • Moulds and casts

  • Figure modeling

  • Wood/clay/stone

  • Final project

Course Duration

Course Duration – 1 Month

Fee Structure

Course Fee – 10,000 per month

Final assignment will be in wood, stone or clay.

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