Game Designing

Learners will be introduced to game design and its concepts, emphasizing the basic tools like paper and digital prototyping, design iteration, and user testing. The audience for this course includes current and aspiring game designers and those interested in delving deeply into the game creation process.

Aims and Objective

  • Introduce students to the fundamentals of game design, to give them practical experience in developing games within an industry-leading contemporary games framework.

  • To encourage them to consider the wider possibilities of digital entertainment through non-linear narratives and innovative gaming forms.


  • How to unpack the term “game,” incorporating different concepts and multiple perspectives

  • To analyze the mechanics of paper and digital games, affecting both of the experiences.

  • To design, develop and test paper/digital prototype games using an design process.

  • Incorporating user feedback.

Course Outline


  • History of Visual Communication

  • Ideas and Thoughts

  • Drawing, Design Principles and Color Theory

  • Visual Communication


  • The Moving Image

  • Animation

  • Computing for Design & Sight for Sound

  • 3D Studies, Lighting and Texturing


  • Game Play

  • Character Design

  • Art Direction

  • Story and Drama

Course Duration

Course Duration – 2 Months.

Fee Structure

Course Fee – 8,000/- PKR per month only  

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