Interior Designing

Interior design is the art of understanding the interior and decorations to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space and designing technique..

This course of Interior Designing will help students to explore adjustments of materials and space. They will be challenged to create attractive, functional ideas that merge environmental, social, and architectural elements with aesthetics. Our Students will also learn how to design interiors that transform organizations, change communities, and make a long lasting impression.

Aims and Objectives

  • This program of Interior Designing aims at training profession seeking innovative design solutions.

  • It also aims to impact the profession by instilling creative and ethical norms in the practice and finding its application in the related areas of furniture designing, interior textiles, etc.

  • The students are seen as leaders for bringing in strong vision and inspiring environment for the future through designing rooted in the academic and cultural environment of the place.


  • Incorporate a global perspective when making designing decisions, based on sustainable, socio-economic and cultural contexts.

  • Analyze interiors, architecture, the decorative arts, and art within a historical and cultural context to inform contemporary design solutions.

  • Specify furniture, fixtures, equipment and finish materials to meet the design criteria for a variety of interior spaces.

Course Outline

  • Basics of Interior Design

  • Aesthetics of Interior Design

  • Computer skills

  • Working Drawings

  • Estimation & costing

  • Finance Management

  • Interior Services

  • Material study

  • Contemporary Interiors

  • Final project

Course Duration

Course Duration – 3 Months.

Fee Structure

Course Fee – 8,000/- PKR per month (for individual style)

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