Motion Graphic/ Animation

This course is an introduction to Motion Graphics, including commercial, broadcast, corporate, training, trade show, main title and music video. The course will include lecture sand demonstrations of the history, techniques and applications of motion graphics. Projects will cover basic motion theory, typography, color, and basic elements of design. We will work through the motion graphics pipeline including, story boarding, animistic, sound development, and rendering. Instruction in establishing motion graphics fundamentals including visual rhythm, kinetic typography, contagion, staying on-brand, multi-planarĀ effects and other intermediate industry techniques.

Motion Graphics is a basic motion design course aimed at Motion Graphics understanding. This course teaches several different approaches to animation with the goal of refined movement to tell stories and deliver messaging while maintaining a highly designed approach. Students can apply skills learned in this class to other design and animation classes

Aims and Objectives

  • Demonstrate practical experience in each of the 3D Modeling and Animation competencies: user interface, objects and shapes, basic animation and controller types, low poly Modeling, materials, lighting and cameras, and rendering

  • Select and develop an effective portfolio of work done in 3D Modeling and animation and related experiences

  • Use terminology and processes common to all Modeling and animation strands.

  • Solve a variety of 3D Modeling and Animation problems using technical verbal, visual, and written skills

  • Recognize the role of 3D Modeling and Animation in global marketplace

  • Use effective composition skills in making 3D Models and Animations


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Create motion graphics from a variety of static sources

  • Recognize and define common animation technique

  • Apply common animation techniques to simulate realistic movement

  • Create a short visual story from a script

  • Use audio, typography and design to make a visual production

  • Recognize language of animation – modeling elements, principles of design, movement, lighting, etc., and apply them to 3D Modeling and Animation problems.

  • Discriminate differences among various types of animation and Modeling techniques

  • Use various conceptual and interdisciplinary approaches for the development of subject matter including imagination, observation, memory, verbal to visual, and experimental approaches

Course Outline


  1. History of Animation

  2. Ideas and Thoughts

  3. Principal of Animation

  4. The Moving Image


  1. Storyboard

  2. Grammar of Shots

  3. Grammar of Edit

  4. Modeling, Hard Surface / Organic

  5. Texturing/Shader

  6. Character Set-up


  1. Animation

  2. Lighting

  3. Rendering


  1. Final Project Proposal

  2. Final Project Design/Development

  3. Final Project Submission

Course Duration

Course Duration -2 Months

Fee Structure

Course Fee – 8000/- PKR per month

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