Acting Art/ Theatre

As a set of staged practices rich with social context, theatre has sought to document, engage, and affect communities. This course introduces and explores theatre from page to stage as a live performing art. Topics include the relationship between theatre and society (historical and contemporary), dramatic structure, theatrical representation, and the crafts of theatre artists such as directors, designers, playwrights, and actors. We will also engage with live performances and video archives of past performances.
In this course, students will continue their study of the basic concepts and begin to refine their presentational skills. Students will use various creative drama techniques to build ensemble, stimulate imagination, movement, and role-play with an emphasis on believability and sensory awareness. Students will use observation and emotional memory to reveal thoughts and feelings and to build believable characters and situations. Students will learn and use drama and theatre vocabulary in class discussions and the activities will address the promotion and reinforcement of students’ literacy skills.

Aims & Objectives

  • To engage productivity in the collaborative process.

  • To build intellectual and aesthetic understanding of the craft and technique of theatre arts.

  • To develop an appreciation of and respect for the various roles/aspects inherent within the theatrical process.

  • To explore the diversity of theatre and its intersection with community, culture and society.

  • To produce diverse productions that challenge students and engage the university community.


  • Students will develop basic skills/training in the theatre arts

  • Students will develop knowledge of theatre history and dramatic literature

  • Students will develop skills in script analysis

  • Students will develop production skills

  • Students will develop ethics, values and responsibilities of a theatre artist

Course Outline


  • Pantomime

  • Monologues (one person scene)

  • Duo Scenes (two person scene)

  • Improvisation (impromptu scene)

  • Short Plays

  • Oral Interpretation

Design Projects:

  • Costume Design

  • Scenic Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Sound Design

  • Make-up

Course Duration

This course duration will be one months.

Fee Structure

Total cost of this course is 10,000/- only

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