Aircraft Model Making

An introduction to three dimensional model making, using a variety of simple materials and techniques to achieve effective 3D models for the aviation industry. This course is for beginners, with projects for advanced students. Learn and polish your skills under the guidance of professional engineers and experts from the industry.

Aims & Objectives

The objective of the course is to learn about the tools and materials used in a model making workshop and learn about making aircraft models to represent ideations.


Students will

  • Learn hands on experience on model making.

  • Learn to develop the skills of making models of aircraft

Course Outline

  1. Brief Introduction to aviation

  2. Technical aspects of an Aircraft

  3. Structure of an aircraft exterior

  4. Aircraft Manuals Study

  5. Cutting & Pasting of an Aircraft parts

  6. Aerodynamics of the Aircraft

  7. Exterior Art of an aircraft

Course Duration

This course duration will be one months.

Fee Structure

Total cost of this course is 8000/- only

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